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  • tommeehan tommeehan Dec 17, 2012 5:16 PM Flag

    question is are dividends sustainable

    profit is guaranteed by public service commission.. as con ed is a regulated utility

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    • The New York Public Service Commission in recent years has not been granting Con Ed the full rate increases they expected.Profit is likely, but NOT guaranteed.

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      • Recently I read that Con Ed has incresed the dividend every year for the last 39 years and they have been paying dividends since 1885. Based on that I believe you could reasonably say that the dividends are sustainable. That being said, the stock price will follow the ups and downs of running the business and the strangenesses of the market at all times. Your investment performence will depend on your abilities to buy on unfavorable marken performing times and holding for the dividends as they increase and/ or selling at a more favorable market time.
        IMHO an unfavorable time in the market for Con Edison has been the recent Sandy episode in NY.. Thats when I started buying and I am continuing to buy at current levels
        Good luck to all

      • They'll take a little less, then just wait for the politics to die down and then get what they want next year. The politicians all know you need to give to Con Ed what is Con Ed's. Con Ed knows to lay low after a Blackout (surprise! still profitable after that doozy in 2006) or a Hurricane.

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    • whoever voted down, must want the stock to fall, so that they can buy at a lower price...

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