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  • halibutandwine halibutandwine Jul 7, 2011 7:44 PM Flag

    Total Insanity

    I came to see all the hype on this stock and have read many message boards, but this one takes the cake, literally. Everyone is either a pumper or dumper badmouthing each other. It took me almost no time to look at this stock and decide to move on. Anyone with any analytical skills can see this company's real worth. Absolutely nothing. No cash, BS contracts in a socialistic country, full of corruption. I've been in that country have you? Does anyone know how much it takes to set up a mining operation in a mountainous region with little or no road access? If not do some research. Millions. THEY HAVE NO MONEY. HOW DID THEY PAY FOR THE LAND WITH NO MONEY? How much would you sell land for with 2 or 3 billion dollars worth of suppossedly proven ore? Many millions. I don't see that money do you, unless they paid a few thousand dollars for worthless property just so they could legally say they bought the land. They need transportation,and Mining equipment, or do you think all of that cheap labor is going to carry it out on their heads in baskets? Holly Crap. What insanity

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    • Insanity is not...ever thought of..they buy up(with shares of POTG) the properties..put Carlos to work..prove there is great resources in these properties and then get bought out by a company that has the resources$$$ to mine the areas... its possible..thats NOT insanity... no risk- no reward.. GLTA$$$ to be made here...lots of $$$ "

    • Anyone with any analytical skills can see you just a liar never been on this country
      .-is not a socialistic country just had a electoral vote
      .-A counrty with a GDP 8.5% THE BEST ON THE WORLD
      .-corruption your find here and there and maybe at home
      .-land alwyas it's cheap there
      .-Ore minerals are rich or check where ABX BCM.V CDE NUS.V NEM..etc
      Where is gold or money any co.will chip in
      How much actually is there hard to say but you can go dig for yourself
      That's no insanity

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      • You can have elections in a socialistic tending society, and I was there and in Ecuador and Columbia and venezuela. I had a company down there and know exactly what it is like. What you do not seem to understand is that the people who owned the land could have run around and found people with money themselves and mine the billions.Why sell land that is worth money so cheap especially when they live in the country and know what their main export is. Does it show anywhere what this company paid for the land? They will not disclose that. Be realistic. It takes millions of dollars to mine ore and anyone putting up the capital will drain all of the stock. They will definitely require an ownership position. Look. I wish you luck and hope that this company is not a pipe dream. But facts are facts. A cashless company better have a lot of money to close on those land contracts unless they paid only a few thousand dollars for it and if they did it would really be suspect. Do not get caught up in euphoria and the pumping. Do not let bashers dissuade you either. Research what you are investing in and make an intelligent decision. I did, I pass. Buying stock in Pennyland is like getting into a pyramid game. The first ones in, the owners are the ones who walk away with your cash. The majority of all micro cap stocks are phoney set ups. Good luck. Really.