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  • connor.jin connor.jin Mar 11, 2013 5:24 PM Flag

    OK. I shorted more TVIX at $3.86 AH, and bought VXX at $20.53 to hedge

    There is no need to cover TVIX, with TVIX.iv = $3.41.

    I use VXX long to cover TVIX. Let decay work for me.

    I want NAVs!!! It is so simple.

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    • Your full of #$%$..I online brokers dont allow shorting stocks below 5 bucks

      • 1 Reply to vegas_market
      • Sorry, amigo, but you’re the one that’s full of you know what. In honor of St. Paddy's day, I'll be generous and just say that you're full of Blarney. You are assuming what you want to believe.

        I’ve had no trouble shorting TVIX below7, below 6, below 5, and yesterday (a bit too soon) at $3.94.

        Yes, the security is considered “hard to borrow” and I must pay a vig of ~2.2% to my bookie.

        You are partially correct. Many firms DO not allow shorting of securities trading below a fin. But that is a house decision, not an SEC rule. And usually shares trading below $5 require 100% collateral.

        A full explanation is available at Investopedia. I tried posting this message initially with the appropriate link, but the Y! censoring software banished the post into the ether.

        So go to Investopedia and paste “Can you short sell stocks that are trading below $5? My broker says that I can't.” into its search box.

        Good luck to you and please do your homework first before you flame.


    • lusob09 Mar 12, 2013 9:05 PM Flag

      Thanks for posting. Your the first short ever who had the backbone, balls and brains to post their trades real time. I respect that.

      I did not have a chance to answer your post last night.

      If you think VIX will only fall why didn't you buy XIV?

      Why hedge? How did you propose to make money on this trade?

      What was the result in this trade?

      Can you provide links on how successful you are trading VXX?

      If you traded TVIX instead of VXX how much less would you have on your profitable trades?


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