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  • greenberg2940 greenberg2940 Feb 23, 2014 7:43 PM Flag

    market is going to be headed much lower sooner than later

    soon the yuan chinese currency will become the reserve
    there is already a move for this to trade oil with the yuan and when this starts to take place probably within the year you will see the US panic because there will be a huge glut of dollars out there as no one will want it they will go to the yuan which is backed by alot alot alot of gold.
    just look how much china has been stockpiling.
    we have no gold to back our currency
    Just remember folks Gold does not start rising like this for no reason.
    Look back in time at the charts and you will see for every inflection point up there was an underlying reason.

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    • Everyone knows that's eventually going to happen, yet it will not be anytime soon. I hope you are right, and its going to happen sooner then later, but I think its going to be later. The FED will not higher interest rates. They are just doing this as a political stance. The rates we have here is what we will have when the dollar is replaced by the Yuan.

    • I used to believe that too. Lately its looking like its a near to medium term set-up, and if it does happen it will not be anytime soon. There is still a ton of liquidity out there. Good luck anyhow. TVIX will be a buy this week. All depends on what happens in the next 2 days. Do not stay long...

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