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  • tgsxpl tgsxpl Sep 5, 2002 12:44 PM Flag

    Damn Corponuts

    What is to be done about these damn corporate parasites? A few fringe environmentalists may have wrecked the occasional McDonalds. That is not condoned by the bulk of the movement. Of course, that doesn't come CLOSE to the type of damage caused by the CORPORATE parasites the Mon$anto fan club defends...

    >>India to Pursue Extradition of Bhopal Accused
    Thu Sep 5,10:13 AM ET

    NEW DELHI (Reuters) - India is determined to press the United States for the extradition of former Union Carbide chairman Warren Anderson over a 1984 gas disaster that killed thousands, a Foreign Ministry official said Thursday.
    The leak from a Union Carbide pesticide plant in the central city of Bhopal was one of the world's worst industrial accidents and killed 3,000 people at the time. Thousands were left with lifetime illnesses.

    "The government is committed to pursue the request for extradition," an official who did not want to be identified told reporters.

    Anderson faces charges of culpable homicide and Indian courts have repeatedly asked New Delhi to seek his extradition from the United States where he now lives in retirement.

    Anderson, considered a fugitive from Indian law for refusing to face charges in its courts, could be jailed for 10 years and fined if found guilty.

    "Any time lapse notwithstanding, the government is decided on processing the request for extradition as and when all the evidentiary links are put together," the official said.

    "Concerned agencies have been asked to do everything possible to confirm the evidentiary links between Anderson and the gas leak in Bhopal so that the extradition request is successful."

    Five tons of poisonous methyl isocyanate gas leaked out of the pesticide plant in the early hours of Dec. 3, 1984.

    Though India's civil case against Union Carbide was settled five years later for $470 million, criminal cases against the defendants are still pending. <<

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    • >And I have yet to find any news of human >health consequences that can be >scientifically substantiated

      Wouldn't you rather have proof of safety rather than carrying on as 200 million guinea pigs for this untested food?

    • Take issue with the message not the mesenger.

      And I have yet to find any news of human health consequences that can be scientifically substantiated.

    • >And personally I don't think you have any >idea what you have said or posted here or on >your website. You just pick up every little >piece of garbage that you think condemns gm >food/technology and post it.

      Show me something from an independent source that does not condemn GM crops/GM food, and I'll post it.

      I've been looking for 3+ years and haven't found any "good news" material about GM which does not originate from a source connected with the GM industry.

    • Except by casting a shadow on gm food with your thinly veiled references to dangers that either do not exist or have never been caused by genetic modification. Purely unintentional I'm sure. Rrrrrrrrrright!

      And personally I don't think you have any idea what you have said or posted here or on your website. You just pick up every little piece of garbage that you think condemns gm food/technology and post it. So I probably could find a post of yours that said that, however that would keep me busy looking through tons of old posts and every reference on your website. Undoubtedly something you would prefer we all do rather than leave your trash unchallenged.

    • >I can continue to lsit example after example >but you make me weary. I'm sure if I looked >hard enough I could find where you actually >said it is dangerous or unhealthy.

      No, it's not something I've ever said. All I've said is that there is no proof that it's safe.

    • Doesn't matter who the messengers are, take issue with the facts of the message!

    • perhaps you haven't said it is not safe. You just post things here and on your website that infer dangers.

      Talking about antibiotic resistance and AIDS, which have nothing to dwith each other (see bacteria vs. virus) and have no link to gm food.

      Talking about tryptophan dangers that were in no way related to the genetic modification process.

      I can continue to lsit example after example but you make me weary. I'm sure if I looked hard enough I could find where you actually said it is dangerous or unhealthy. But not desiring to wade through all your bullshit again, most of which has been lifted from other freconut website and has been debunked here before, I'll accept your declaration and correct it to say you intend to deceive and mislead others into thinking there are dangers AND have no scientific data to back it up.

    • >Does anyone know anything about this group, >makeup, etc?

      Dennis Avery and Son...

    • >In yours, outright lies about the dangers of >gm food for which you can provide no >scientific data.


      I've never said it's "dangerous". I'd just like proof of its safety...

    • Global Food Issues, this is the first time I heard of this group. It sounds like it might have some good ideas. Does anyone know anything about this group, makeup, etc?

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