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  • mmmparsley mmmparsley Jan 21, 2008 6:51 PM Flag

    Monsanto: Prescription Drugs for Planet Earth

    One problem with Monsanto is that they are making an addict out of planet earth's arable land. That problem is going to lead to not only their demise, but a large percentage of the world's lower classes. Agricultural yields are dependent on the raping of our topsoil, but as that topsoil becomes increasingly toxic and coupled with lower mineral density, the world is going to realize it is time to get off drugs and begin the long and painful process of recovery.

    It's difficult to know exactly when the tipping point will occur when the world realizes that just like with oil, we need to get ourselves off of the addiction to genetically modified seed. The earth provides and renews at rate x, but when we try to extract x+1, the earth's topsoil simply won't increase it's mineral output.

    Ethanol production is disastrous as it solves a temporary energy problem by creating a long-term agriculture problem. People really don't care about how much energy they can consume, when they aren't able to afford enough food to eat. That problem is coming to the developing and modern world - and sooner than you probably imagine.

    Get ready for a decade of agriculture prices increasing at the pace of oil. The longer we rape our topsoil, the worse
    off the eventual fallout. So the best thing to do is just quite while we're behind while the yields say we're ahead, before we fall further behind and the yields confirm it.

    No need to argue. This will play out as I say.

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    • You may want to ease up on your drugs for a day or two. Toxic soil?? GMO's have reduced the use of pesticides by up to 70 percent in some crop scenarios. Look at the poor chemical companies with dried up revenues. We don't rape land, we farm it and then replenish it with nutrients and manure.
      You rape your gas tank everytime you drive your car. Ever refill your tank, or do you just buy a new car with a full tank of gas.
      Don't get me started, and don't bitch about agriculture with a full mouth.

    • Do you realize the population of the world today is roughly 6.7 billion, and
      that by 2050 it is estimated that we will be at 9.2. How in the world are you
      going to feed that many people without more disease resistent seed from
      Monsanto, as well as fertilizers that greatly enhance productivity???

      You're not!!!

      Less land, fresh water issues, air pollution - go figure.

    • scott2536 Jan 22, 2008 12:38 PM Flag

      Are you one of those guys that used to make grave predictions that the topsoil in the midwest would all end up in the gulf of mexico?

      Do you realize that MON has to a large extent stopped that when Roundup made no-till farming a reality.

    • Time to up the meds?

    • Thankyou Potash, Mosiac, and Agrium for replenishing our topsoils with base

    • Rape of the land - what are you talking about -- back 80 years ago there was rape of the land in the form of the dust bowl. You are right that farmers have to be careful about how they cultivate the land - but crops have been grown on the midwest soils intensively for at least 50 years and the soils are not going down hill. RoundUp ready soy means that after harvest soybean and corn plant residue (the once green parts of the plant) can be left in the field - this strengthens soils structure mush more than when this was not possible - good weed control allows you to do this. Using what N is placed in the soil efficiently by using nitrogen use efficiency genes will help reduce N run off from soils. Better germplasm and traits means for every acre planted we get the most out of it not low yields which would mean more acres have to be cultivated. I agree that biofuels put food and fuel in conflict but even now one goal is to simply replace MBTE in gas with ethanol - thats 10% of gas replaced with ethanol - and we are at 6% now. Thats not excessive. Monsanto is not a much of a chemical producer any more -its really biological solutions that are safer than the past. But I suspect you are only writing here because you lack the ability to get a real job

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