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  • paulohl paulohl Oct 24, 2011 7:12 PM Flag

    Cancer in your refrigerator.

    <<among the healthiest and happiest people on earth>>

    All those obese people you see waddling into Walmart or any fastfood establishment or diner in America are healthy???

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    • yes, pretty much so...only about 1 in 65 over 30 in america are clinically obese...there are actually about as many eat-and-chokers as fatsos in th nation, according to health stats...most of the waddlers you're talking about are middle class, slightly older, well nourished family people who may actually be spending more time working for, feeding and educating their own families than popping deep knee bends at the local what?...a little flab is actually indicative of a prosperous society...i'm a daily runner and outdoors afficianado, so i've got nothing to defend, really...but let's get off the 'obese' wagon, pal...americans are living longer, healthier lives than ever, thanks mostly to the decline in tobacco use, better foods than ever, and moderating use of alcohol as the nation's median population ages a tad...

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