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  • c_rader c_rader Feb 3, 2012 11:11 AM Flag

    Top 10 Ways Monsanto is killing things (plants, animals, people)..

    #5 Chopping Down the Rainforests for Monoculture GMO Crops, Biofuels and Cattle Grazing

    This is an issue in Brazil. Rainforests destroyed for cattle grazing is unrelated to MON's business and has been going on for decades before there were GMO crops. Biofuels in Brazil means sugar cane, not a MON business interest. The only GMO crop in Brazil is soybeans which are grown in an area that isn't rainforest and never was. The soybean fields were monocultured before there were GMOs, and MON was only permitted to sell its seeds in Brazil about two years ago, although the seeds were stolen and planted illegally for years before that. Presumably you understand that MON did not make any money from stolen seeds.

    #6 Increasing the Cost of Food, While Reducing Nutrition and Biodiversity

    There's no basis for that claim. You just made it up.

    #7 Spawning Pesticide-Resistant Superbugs and Weeds, and Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

    Three separate claims. Superbugs? You mean Bt resistant insects. But they were first observed as a result of BT used in organic agriculture. Weeds? A weed which evolves resistance to herbicide is not a superweed. It doesn't resist older weed control technologies. Farmers who don't grow GMOs can control those weeds like they control any other weeds. Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria? Nothing MON does promotes antibiotic resistant bacteria. These are promoted by raising animals b7y feeding them antibiotics. It's just not part of MON's business.

    #8 Generating New and More Virulent Plant, Animal and Human Diseases

    You just made that up.


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