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  • mr_whippet_2001 mr_whippet_2001 Oct 27, 2012 1:34 PM Flag

    Commentary on professionals who endorse Prop 37......

    The bashers on this board of Prop 37 would have you belief that if you are for labeling GMO product that you are some kind of a freak for not believing in science. Well, if you glance over the 3 lists in the previous post you will find all sorts of professionals who wholly endorse science. Science is great if it is safe but if it is unsafe or even unproven to be safe it can have disastrous consequences.
    This is why all these professionals want to, at a minimum, exercise their right to know what is inside their food.

    I don't know how accurate this list is as I got it from Yes on Prop 37 site but I don't see why it would not be. I left out many other sponsors as the list went on and on.

    My point of publishing this list is that these are intelligent people who don't feel safe with GMO. To make fun of them as being stupid or being gullible from from misinformation is a blatant lie. The only ones who are indeed supplying misinformation is the chemical producers themselves.

    It will be a shame if this proposition does not pass. If you notice that the proposition was highly expected to pass from results of the polls several weeks ago. However, big corporations like Monsanto, Dupont, Kraft, Coke A Cola, etc, are throwing tens of millions of dollars to ensure it does not pass and publishing misleading and false information. In fact, the proposition is now in danger of losing because big corporate is stepping up their ad campaign against it. Something is fishy here folks!

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    • Gee, maybe we should ban Aspirin from the market too, since even it has many possible side effects, you know? We should definitely focus on banning marijuana that so many Californians believe in and smoke, yet it is a proven carcinogen, that is heavily in the air, moreso than any Italian town(how many of them are on your list). Maybe ban all cigarette smoking too, cause I bet just passing by someone smoking a cigar is much worse than eating a plate of GMO corn. Heck, after hearing that so many people walk around nude in San Fran, I doubt I even want to visit, for fear my heart may give out. Remind everyone too how many are killed in CA from citizens and the many illegal aliens from drinking alcohol beverages at over the legal there also an organic beer? Would that help? Not bloody likely!

      So, tell me again how many liberal loons with 1/2 a brain want to ban GMO foods? If Prop 37 does pass, look forward to more expensive foods in CA, to include that can of soda the kids love more than milk. So, look forward to more taxes too, that Jerry the clown Brown wants to levee on CA residents.

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      • diligent conqueror, I suggest you live up to your name and be a little more understanding instead of stereotyping! The main point I have to convey to you is we know what cigarettes can do to someone's health, as we know marijuana can do to you but we don't know what GMO foods can do to least we who believe they have not been properly tested. Therefore, until an outside agency that is unbiased, conducts a long term study on GMO processed food then it is unsafe. Also, you will have to group all the other "liberal loons" throughout the world in the same camp. I'm sure there are a lot of conservatives who have similar problems with GMO. The world does not revolve around you, there are other people in the world whose opinions and beliefs need to be understood. This is not some kind of a joke.

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