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  • funfundvierzig funfundvierzig Mar 14, 2013 5:50 PM Flag

    Pioneer's Ap-PAUL-ling SCHICKLER Stirs Up a Hornet's Nest!

    DuPont Management AG Subaltern Provokes Challenges To DuPont Reputation

    Good Evening, Bonsoir, Guten Abend,

    Readers, when it comes to public relations the bumbling underboss in charge of the Pioneer division of the sprawling DuPont conglomerate can attract lots of attention, but not the kind Fortress Wilmington and his über boss, Ms. Ellen J. Kullman, is demanding.

    By taking the interview with The Grid, the bombastic Schickler exposed the disreputable DuPont Company to tonnes of criticism and even outrage over the internet. Over 75 comments have already pounded the Bloomberg report published digitally by Yahoo! on March 13, 2013.

    One obvious and passionate supporter of DuPont Management boasted that DuPont is a "large and responsible company."

    Does a "responsible" company covertly and callously pollute the drinking water supplies of 100,000 women, men, and children in propinquity to its polluting Teflon factory in West Virginia, and conceal critical studies on the industrial pollutant for two decades? This egregious misconduct on the part of DuPont and its unethical officials earned the Company a civil prosecution by the U. S. EPA during the business-friendly Bush
    Administration and the highest civil penalty and fine in the agency's history.

    The pollutant? The extraordinarily toxic, cancer-causing chemical used to make Teflon, PFOA or C8. This insidiously vile synthetic chemical has now been inextricably linked to seven various serious diseases and cancers through exhaustive medical and epidemiological studies.

    Why would you trust anything coming out of the mouths of DuPont's secretive and evasive executives and their PR con artists when it comes to what is on your plate or in your glass?

    Merely the evening observations of one individual investor and long-time student of the integrity-free

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    • Readers & Fellow MON shareholders,

      As you can see in this thread, the unprincipled trash in the DuPont Management camp will put out any blatant lie to defame and smear bloggers with views differing from the DuPont party line.

      For the record, the undersigned has never been fired, canned, terminated, laid-off, or asked to leave voluntarily or involuntarily E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates.

      Unfortunately Monsanto has to compete against this rotten-to-the-core organisation, whose polestar is CHEAT-to-COMPETE. Hopefully, Monsanto will ultimately collect from $1 billion to $3 billion from the latest patent infringement and fraud perpetrated by DuPont and its sleazy officials.


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      • Oh, one more thing, we have never been banned from the Yahoo! boards nor any other news or investor site for that matter. Nor have we ever made any anti-gay or racist statements as a complete review of our inventory of posts will show.

        The dirty-playing operatives and supporters of DuPont Management will stop at nothing in their systematic campaign to libel and threaten the undersigned, a single dissenting voice refusing to buy into the Beijing-style brainwashing of Fortress Wilmington.

        Good night...funfun

    • Old Monsanto has had its share of chem problems so I wouldn't push the Dupont problems. Monsanto is now a different company and more proactive to reticy or prevent problems. But the reality is Dupont management is just bad and not very innovative for a science based company but they have a fantantic marketing and smoke screen organization to hide this. I say well done to them - of course it wouldn't last for ever and they are likely to have to pay probably $3 billion in that lawsuit and come begging to Monsanto. They should just admit defeat payfor the licenses from Monsanto and then move they research and focus to actually making ag better rather than trying to beat Monsanto - this is like the Russians still thinking they have a chance of beating the US to the moon and foillwoing that parallel Dupont has a good basic business delivering basic service like Russia has servicing the space station but don't ask them to land a probe on Mars (nothing above and beyond expected)

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