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  • diligentconqueror_m diligentconqueror_m Apr 10, 2013 7:41 PM Flag

    Another MF Whole Foods pump it up article - other writer

    Incredible - at least this latest article pointed out that 'Monsanto does not own food companies' ~ ok lol. And there are 'other' evil Gmo producers....haha! And the only way to avoid 'the evil mass producers of' is to shop at glorious Whole Foods! Too funny. Don't get me wrong, there are some good things about Whole Foods, or used to be. I used to love love love the produce section, but my 'other' grocer is catching on, and in fact, had a much numerous selection of large baked potatoes and other items than the WFM store I had been visiting, and the other downside is the high dollar prices ---- I never buy meat at the WFM if I can avoid it. As I have said before too, much of this organic is better, is all over-hype, and much of the bothersome effects of foods is from maybe the gluten or other additives, but even if you look at the so-called healthier spaghetti noodles/gluten free, they are 2 to 3 times the cost of the other local grocery store! What is next, will they have commercial ads on tv, making poor families feel guilty that they do not buy 'all' their foods at Whole Foods?!? And at the end of the commercial, will they say Monsanto and Dupont, and Coca-cola and Pepsi and Frito-lay will kill ya???

    Will we get a 3 repeat article this weak pumping up the Whole Foods? What up, did their price of the stock plummet or something? One big difference between the 2 stocks (even though MON is in a completely different arena) is that Monsanto will be able to have better margins and grow much better on earnings with more ability to put huge funds into R&D and marketing and such, while still impressing the Wall Street estimates with even a lower P/E. I know as an investor, I would buy Monsanto over Whole Foods! anyday! Can I say it again?!?

    Don't buy Whole Foods stock! :-------)

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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