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  • diligentconqueror_m diligentconqueror_m Jun 3, 2013 4:09 PM Flag

    Greedy shorts

    You make money on a 3 dollar or so drop and so you jump on the msg board with 10 or so handles hoping to motivate more to sell or go short too. You must be popping more than corn and swallowing it as the adrenalin flows, but no matter how much you post, the market can reverse on you, and you start to lose those huge gains. Just cause the news sounds bad, often it is really not so bad.

    GL to longs!

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    • i didn't short because of any news..i shorted days before the news...i'm mission know i shorted apple at $620 and it went up on me first but i said i have no fear, it'll hit the $300 range and it know i shorted SDT (stupid dumb terroist) at $23 and it went up on me a little now where's it at....i have no intentions of scary anyone, nor do i bash a stock or pump a stock, i just say what my vision sees...i shorted YRCW today at $20 also.....but i'm not all about shorting, i buy stocks and trade stocks all week long, but i do it with vision and what i see....people probbally saying why didn't you cover on MON when it dipped, because my vision is its going to $92 and not because of any news...i'm still up on my short postion that i did at $105.50...and i don't worry about the $1-$3 swings..i trade with a good luck to you whatever you do...and honestly i have no fear...whether it goes up or down..once my mission is completed i'll be gone..

      i never asked anyone to short the stock or buy the stock, i could careless what others do..i do what i do...and there is nothing anyone can say to make me change my mind..especially not a bunch of idiots who think their special, do you know how stupid they sound..

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