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  • diligentconqueror_m diligentconqueror_m Jun 5, 2013 8:23 AM Flag

    Monsanto is a buy here

    The media loves to hyperbole the news into some sort of sheer panic on Monsanto, when it is nothing to be worried about. First of all, as long as Monsanto followed protocol in the wheat study trial, which they did, then they would not be liable for anything. All the conspiracy theorists will come out, but likely someone kept the wheat, or some was missed or whatever. Not like it is growing rampant anywhere in the US, and not like it is harmful anyway.

    Someone could sue, but just like most frivolous lawsuits they amount to nothing, and even if some sort of settlement, even JNJ has endured much worse. Small millions in settlements happen all the time, and see how high JNJ stock is now - what, all time highs?

    Wheat is not a product that MON produces for revs by seed, and MON will still make many millions a year, and growing by double digits. The countries that do not support GMOs have been like that forever, and with time, some will come around and support it, but it is not like penicillin(not dire need for some), and of course some will be hesitant. The latter will not hurt Monsanto and those with market sense know that.

    Just looking at the daily chart from yesterday shows huge buys even after the many negative PR takes on Mon news, as they love the buying opportunity. And another sign to buy is when all the many posters are posting on here 24/7 in a frenzy to get you to sell to further their short stock greed mania. Oh yeah, I bought yesterday!


    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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