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  • zer0t0l zer0t0l Jul 28, 2013 11:03 AM Flag

    Blight caused green oranges- MON to the rescue ?

    A great article in the Sunday NY Times about the naturally greening ( a blight ) of oranges which renders them useless. This is a world wide problem as the blight is not limited to Fla. alone. Its attacking groves in Brazil, Ca., East Africa etc. Monsanto has a hand in correcting this blight but as usual this 'correction' is being met with resistance to the acceptance of the genetic cure. After reading the article, one is left with an opinion that we have no choice, if we want an orange that tastes like an orange and can withstand the threat of this blight. Thousands of these trees have been burned in an effort to erase any trace of the bacteria while the replanting of the genetically altered new crop follows. I'm interested in what others here have to say about choices we have in saving or not saving a food crop from extinction.

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    • You didn't read the same story I did. The fellow, Ricke Kress, working to save the oranges by genetic engineering, has had to work around Monsanto's patents, as well as the mindless opposition of the usual anti-GMO luddites.

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      • interesting article, took a couple searches to dig it up. "To Mr. Kress in early 2011, any comparison to Monsanto — whose large blocks of patents he had to work around, and whose thousands of employees worldwide dwarfed the 750 he employed in Florida at peak harvest times — seemed far-fetched. If it was successful, Southern Gardens would hope to recoup its investment by charging a royalty for its trees. But its business strategy was aimed at saving the orange crop, whose total acreage was a tiny fraction of the crops the major biotechnology companies had pursued.
        He urged his worried researchers to look at the early success of Flavr Savr tomatoes. Introduced in 1994 and engineered to stay fresh longer than traditional varieties, they proved popular enough that some stores rationed them, before business missteps by their developer ended their production."

        the article did contain a lot about the road blocks of public perception, and how the Anit GMO crowd uses fear of science and risk to their advantage. Understandable, it has worked that way for centuries.

        Good post guys.

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