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  • clowncramer clowncramer Mar 28, 2014 7:03 PM Flag

    Do your own "scientific study of how destructive gmo's really are"

    Feed yourself,wife and children only non-gmo foods for about a Month
    eat only non-GMO-verified or organic foods
    Beware of additives. The five most common GMOs -- corn, canola, soy, cotton and sugar beets -- often end up as additives (in the form of corn syrup, oil, sugar, flavoring agents or thickeners) in packaged foods so check ingredient labels carefully.
    Call ahead before eating out making sure the food is non-gmo.

    "Start by eliminating GMOs for just a month and pay close attention to your health, weight, energy and mood.
    The wife should be much happier and of good spirit. If you have kids, take note of their attention spans and school work improvement . See the huge positive changes for the better you notice by being on a non-GMO diet, and go from there."

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    • Since corn syrup and cane sugar are essentially the same in your stomach high fructose corn syrup in food has slighly less fructose than cane sugar how can this make a difference. They are metabolised the same. Any type I diabetic will tell you same amount of calories and absorbed and metabolised the same.

      You have got to get a science eduication to talk science

    • It is hard for me to even imagine how GMO food could possibly have a negative effect on health.

    • Here's a simple test you can do at home. By a regular Avacado labeled with the UPC# starting with a "4" then buy an organic Avacado with a UPC# starting with a "9".

      Eat both. Take the "pit" and plant them both in a cup of water, halfway submersed. See which one grows.

      Then ask yourself, why?

      Always follow the money back to the rotten core.

      In the meantime, I'm in full support of GMOs being pushed on the general public. GO GMO!

      • 5 Replies to twoturdburgers
      • The numeral “8″ (in the 1st position of a 5-digit code) has in fact been set aside, (by the International Federation for Produce Standards) to designate GM foods. But the code is entirely voluntary, and no one is actually using it because hardly anyone would be stupid enough to willingly buy gmo and risk getting very sick.

        So, in theory, a 5-digit PLU starting with 8 (if you ever saw one) would imply that the product in your hand is genetically-modified. But the absence of that 8 tells you absolutely nothing at all.

      • turd, since there are no GMO avocados, your "scientific experiment" tells us nothing about GMO safety. So I assume that your purpose is to prove that organic avocados are somehow better than non-organic avocados. Right?

        Let's suppose that we brush aside the criticism of whether your proposed experiment is good science or not. We can make some changes that make it good science. We can use many of each, rather than just one. We can make sure that both sets of avocados are the same variety, say Hass. We can use blind controls to eliminate experimenter bias.

        So for sake of argument, suppose we find that avocados with one of the UPC codes grows well and the other grows poorly.

        Please tell me what we have learned. I don't buy avocados to grow little bushes. I grow them to eat. I want them to taste good. I obviously want them to be safe. Is there any reason to think that the avocado that sprouts is superior in taste?

        But there's another factor you should consider. It is overwhelmingly likely that neither avocado was grown by sprouting a pit. It is overwhelmingly likely that both trees were grafted. Your experiment will produce a plant with a probably #$%$ root system. The plant, if it is nurtured long enough to produce its own fruit, won't be genetically identical to the Hass avocado you bought.

      • this is really nonsense since it depends on the genetics and how they have been treated. BTW you know that and how they have been stored etc etc. It is well known that a frozen pea frozen on the farm preserves more nurients than one kept unfrozen and both used a week later. The viability of the seed has nothing to do with the nutritional content of the rest. You could have a much better food that needs a kick start to germinate the seed but it would be irrelvant to the nutrition in the food.

        We have been eating GM foods for 18 years with zero hospitalization while organic food has killed every year from fecal bacteria etc getting onto the food due to the actual organic practice.

        Since biochemically organic is no different from GM there can't be any differences from feeding on them. The differences in food are about 70% affected by the weather and growing conditions, the effect of a transgene is zero or well under 1% and can't be detected it is so low compared to the other factors

      • is a production method...and organic seed means it came from an organic farm..the seed can be heirloom or hybidized.

        There are no gmo avacados, and hybridized and heirloom can both germinate from their respective seeds. .

        Follow some students to science classes, and get on board the knowledge train.

      • who ever gave him the thumbs up, can you explain why ?

        "The first digit of a UPC-A Barcode is number system character. The following table shows you what different number system characters mean

        0: Standard UPC number
        1: Reserved
        2: Random weight items (fruits, meat, vegetables, etc.
        3: Pharmaceuticals
        4: In store marketing for retailers (a store can set up unique barcodes for themselves, but no other store will be able to read them)
        5: Coupons
        6, 7,8 Standard UPC number
        9: Reserve"

        I see you googled up another anti gmo urban myth ? I think you actually meant to say PLU code, and you can look them up if you can string a search term together that doesn't include anti gmo :),

        And they don't mean what you implied. I strongly suggest avoiding anti gmo sites, they pretty consistently just parrot each other...and after one parrotting, tend to make sht up .

    • I agree sort of...critics have said not enough testing has been done...but in 10 years have not proposed any tests they are interested in having done. While a couple lightly peer reviewed tests have been done , none were given credivility by the global food risk communtiy, and none have been done to bench mark gmo, versus convential versus organic. imo that means the gmo critiques do not want to have credible studies done, because of the high risk of finding nothing...much easier to fan fear.

      am I off clown ?

    • Once you eliminated high fructose corn syrup etc., you have eliminated all proceeded and fast foods (I rarely eat either). I’m sure by not eating the Big Macs, frozen dinners, canned raviolis, and therefore restricting your diet to fresh foods that you will feel better. This does not address the GMO issue, rather addresses the issue of a healthy diet vs. processed food. It is too bad the GMO versions of all my favorite fruits and veggies are largely not available. I would love to eat veggies and fruits with insect protected traits, rather than being sprayed with pesticides (yes organic Ag does use highly toxic pesticides).

    • Have you ever heard of the placebo effect?

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