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  • schrodinger_cat_2 schrodinger_cat_2 Jun 26, 2001 1:59 PM Flag

    Canadian farmer fights MON 2

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    According to the farmer less than 1% of the crop was contaminated[1]:

    According to Schmeiser, the judge in his case ruled that even though at most 1 percent of his crop was contaminated by Monsanto�s biotechnically altered gene, Monsanto was owed his entire crop because there was a �probability� that all his plants contained their gene. �If a direct seed from Monsanto�s GMO seed blows in my field and produces a plant, my entire crop becomes Monsanto�s property,� he explained.

    The ruling also forbids Schmeiser to plant any more canola that he knows or should know contains Monsanto�s altered genes. That essentially prevents him from growing canola at all, unless he can plant it from seeds he developed himself before his crops became cross-pollinated with Monsanto�s genetically modified canola.

    �This year I contacted two seed companies and asked for seed without contamination from genetically modified varieties, and they told me there isn�t any,� Schmeiser said. �All Canadian and U.S. seeds for canola and soybeans are contaminated with Monsanto�s genes. So I went for my seeds to a crop I grew last year on land I had not had canola on before.�

    [1] Mark Gabrish Conlan, Zenger's Newsmagazine Jun 01

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