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  • ltd_cap ltd_cap Jun 29, 2001 3:18 PM Flag

    Genetic engineering special on ABC

    This might be an interesting program: John Stossel Challenges the Doomsayers Warnings on Genetic Engineering, Human Cloning and Global Warming, in a One-Hour Special

    Tampering with Nature with John Stossel, Airing Friday, June 29

    In a one-hour special, ABC News Correspondent John Stossel investigates the outcry over genetic engineering and human cloning and
    challenges the dire warnings surrounding environmental threats like global warming. Why have recent advances in science been met with
    fear, protests, even acts of terrorism? Why is the industrial society that helped make our comfortable lives possible treated with suspicion and contempt, Stossel challenges the activists who say we're destroying the earth's ecosystem with everything from genetic
    engineering to greenhouse gases. Tampering with Nature airs FRIDAY,
    June 29, 10-11 p.m. ET on the ABC Television Network.

    Former Greenpeace director Patrick Moore, who has quit Greenpeace, says the environmental movement has been hijacked by political
    activists. "They're using environmental rhetoric to cloak agendas like class warfare and anti-corporatism that, in fact, have almost nothing to do with ecology," Moore tells Stossel.

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    • John Stossel HMMM yeah he is an impartial reporter! Do a search on for John Stossel and see what you come up with. He already got reprimanded for lying famously: " food will kill you!..." by ABC I guess he's looking for another spanking...

    • mtcrichisback_2000,
      We might be missing Dolphin McMongrel�s point. There�s a sect of the ecofreak cult that believes the Earth is best served by being void of human life. Perhaps this is what he�s striving for? (Dolphin, if this is true, please lead by example and jump off.) Or maybe Dolphin really does believe those cute little geometric ecotrinkets have healing mojo and there�s no need for new medicines?

      Expose the Myth
      Organic Sux
      Truth will Prevail

    • Damn-it Dolphin McMongrel, you�ve been busy defending your pitiful ecofuck turf today. You must have had the day off? Wait a minute� that assumes you have a job. Now that�s an oxymoron.

      Regarding: �Scientific Fact: Amount of cursing in posts is inversely proportionate to penis size.� proves a point� which is, even your humor lacks originality. Fortunately for you the Pinocchio Principle applies, that is, the more you lie in your posts, the bigger your unit grows. Based on your flurry of activity today, you�re packing a unit of monumental proportions, pyramid proportions that is.

      Speaking of pyramids, do I have a deal for you. Found the following at:

      As always, happy shopping!

      * The ultimate alternative to pest management without biotechnology� �Aquarian Pyramid 2012: � Despite my incredulity, in fact, real skepticism, I followed John Abel into the garden as he explained how the Metaform, spun in a certain way, would drive out the serious infestation of potato bugs we were experiencing. Fifteen years of patiently picking off potato bugs led to my doubts. But, wonder of wonders, the next day, not a potato bug was to be found on the potato plants�they had all relocated on nearby weeds. I was, needless to say, very glad to be wrong. � Ken Carey, author, Starseed Transmission, Vision, and Return of the Bird Tribe�

      * Has your box of ecotrinkets lost its power? Turbo it with some meta-mojo� �Phoenix Harmonizer: �Moves energies to a higher level �It comes with a programmed crystal aligned with the Earth's resonant frequency (6.8 - 8.3 Hz). �Great for clearing and charging crystal, oils, and elixirs. A powerhouse for alchemy in combination with the Aquarian Pyramid, the Stargate, etc. �
      * Feel left out of the scientific advancements of this century, such a biotech? Here�s a sure fire way to move out of the dark ages� �Star Tetrahedron: �A powerful tool for shifting patterns in DNA.� (Sounds a little high tech. Do the pharmaceutical giants know about this R&D shortcut? Dolphin, this shit is worth billions!
      Your reliance on and worship of shinny rocks, herbs /essence, and cute little geometric ecotrinkets gives you stupid fucks so much credibility. Dolphin, now�s your chance to build a little credibility. Either offer up a scientific explanation for this ecojunk or reject it publicly on this board. Are you going to abandon your cult brethren again?

      Expose the Myth
      Organic Sux
      Truth will Prevail

    • was because from your earlier messages, it is obvious that you are taking the wrong drugs. I am concerned about your health and wouldn't want to lose you. Since you have joined the board, Mosanto continues to reach share price highs and it would be bad luck if you went away. I have done quite nicely with Mosanto stock since you joined the board and must also be considered a greedy capitalist like Mtcrichisback. However, believe me, I certainly am not fat! Thanks for your enlightened entertainment for the past few weeks.

    • Good one.
      While I'm there, should I get your prescription for vagisil?

    • You should ask him/she about fluoxetine, or better yet, in your case clozapine might be the answer.

    • again.

      I said I used to smoke it bitch. I know from first hand that I breath easier and accomplish more now. Same since I gave up cigarettes, but I suppose that is corporate America faking the side effects of cigarettes too. Might surprise you I've tried a few other illicit drugs too.

      I suppose if you worked out and trained as much as a professional basketball player it would tend to minimize the damage but it still doesn't mean there isn't any asswipe. And with all your other fake bronchitis stories and myths of aspartame I find it hard to believe you workout as much as a professional athlete.

      One thing I notice about pot is you tend to start telling lies. Looks like that still holds true.

      And please quit throwing around figures without backing them up. Not that they aren' true but with your penchant for telling stories it would help

      "60% of NBA smokes pot"

      Monsanto spent "million on legal team" in Candian farmer case.

    • You believe that shit?
      You know, 60% of the NBA (at least) smokes pot. They seem to be in pretty bad shape, too, right? Just more example of corporate America manipulating what you believe.

    • Deal, Fat Capitalist McRich, confusion ended. I fart in your general direction. Your mother smells of eldeberries you wiper of other people's bottoms!
      But I'm still in better shape than you, smarter and more handsome. Unfortunately I'm too modest to ever say so myself.

    • as I am addressing you directly. That is the obvious source of my confusion.

      Just pointing out that I'm not the overwieght American and probably in better shape than you.


      You still are a goat-felching, anti-capitalist, econut for whom Rainbow McDolphin fits perfectly.

      Now if you want to address your posts with Fat Capitlast McRich, then we can end the confusion. But it appeared very much as you were addressingme directly for which I desired to clear up you rmisunderstanding. (Of which you clearly have many)

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