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  • mtcrichisback_2000 mtcrichisback_2000 Jul 3, 2001 12:17 AM Flag

    Rainbow, you obviously need help...

    with the "real world answer" to my question so let me help you out with the answers. Free of charge no less.

    From other stories:

    "The reason for Monsanto's success is straightforward: The new seed is easier and often cheaper to grow. It can reduce the need for chemicals to control weeds and pests."

    "Despite bitter European protests, the crops are increasingly popular overseas as well, especially in parts of Asia and South America."

    "Though the EPA has determined that spraying crops with Roundup has no ill effect on the consumer."

    This from a little guy farmer: "With the biotech crop, he sprays glyphosate once and kills every weed. Even factoring in the higher price of Roundup beans, he saves $22.50 an acre on chemicals and fuel. To him, biotech is a bargain."

    This my Mountain Gorilla coochie-licking econut friend is the real world.

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    • As you don't trust anything from the eco-friendly sites, I don't trust anything from the giant corporate P.R. machine, also known as the "unbiased free media" to the blindfolded few. So, I guess we can just forget about links all together. I hope that worthless piece of advertising, wrapped up as a news release, was never put into print. Would be a waste of a valuable tree. Just kills me watching that happen, when you could just as easily have printed that commercial on hemp paper!

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