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  • ozzman_is_the_best ozzman_is_the_best Mar 5, 2013 4:06 PM Flag

    Reeks of manipulation..

    I'm watch PATH on Level 2 all day along with my other stocks and the sell blocks just smell of manipulation.. I still believe GSK is in accumulation till 20% and it seems someone is slowly pushing the stock down. You see small blocks a cent lower than the next, 100 share blocks at a time. then when it's an actual sell block it goes through quickly and the stock rises (about 5,000-10,000 sold). Then there are small blocks up for sale again driving it down with low volume. Rinse and repeat.. It stinks and the only thing that will stop it is retailers not selling their shares off, or some sort of news.. PATH longs will win in the end though

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    • I have been saying that for sometime that MM's are manipulating the stock price here especially in low volume trades. However since we are in a long holding pattern with no news on the horizon and the market going up, people tend to dump their losers and find something to make money on. I am definitely holding because I believe in the product and the amount of money that can be produced for migraine sufferers.

      I did email nupathe relations today and surprisingly they called me back a few minutes ago. He stated that they are still trying to find a partner or buyer and are keeping everything close to the vest.

      Asked about the falling price and he told me that perhaps people are selling the warrants. I asked him about outstanding shares and how many warrants. 27.9 Million Outstanding and 14 Million warrants. I asked him how long before the warrants expired, he stated he believed it to be eight years.

      Hopefully longs will be rewarded soon, however it does feel like a falling sword. I will continue to hold or average down in the meantime looking for a greater reward. I was encouraged that the guy at least did respond to my questions in my email and called me back the same day. Best to all longs.

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    • belbezre Mar 5, 2013 4:10 PM Flag

      It is like this all around not only with PATH, all the stocks i'm currently holding are heavily shorted and they all trade that way. Long investors always win when they are at the right place, time is their only enemy and market makers, big institutions do this manipulation to take dumb investors money who are in this for the dream (becoming a millionaire in one day) this aint happening folks coz otherwise the whole population would be trading stocks. Long investors are always on solid ground.

    • Shorts finding shares is also very possible btw..