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  • didmancreategod didmancreategod Nov 14, 2013 5:04 PM Flag

    The Big Four aren't giving up...why should you?

    It seems to me that the amount of shares that I own combined with the rest of us is insignificant compared to the amount the four large investors have invested. They will make sure this is successful even if they have to loan the funds themselves. The guarantee that a deal will be done is that these four investors will not allow themselves to lose here. I would estimate that they are in at an average share price between $6-$8. After waiting around for ten months it would be foolish to give up now.

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    • I've changed my mind. With this stock, what's actually posted on these boards may have an impact more than most.

      There's no float and really no volume to speak of over the last several months.

      Everything is tied up. The price movement since the recent selling stopped has only been us few, measly retail investors buying and selling.

      For the first time I think I may be right. This trading, price, etc. is all BS.

      If we didn't look at this stock for a year, I think we'd all be very, very happy when we finally did.

      This day to day stuff has got to stop for me. I'll catch you all in the new year and I bet the tune will already be different then. And that's less then two months away.

      Bulls make money, bears make money, pigs get slaughtered.

      Lets see how it plays out over the mid to long term. GLTAL.

    • Great points didman, the leverage PATH has is the 'big 4' financing a launch and I think potential partners and suiters know that. AA did seem confident to me and I am actually a little more optimistic that this thing is closer than I thought. Going in to the CC I thought they would say the same thing but the "Substantial Progress" emphasized a couple times is reassuring. I actually picked up a few more shares in afterhours and I normally never trade in After hours.

      For those expecting AA to say we have a partner and will launch this month they are disapointed. For those expecting AA to rehash the same thing as last call they are a little more pleased going in. News or lack of or what is said or not said has a lot to do with the interpretation of it since we are trying to 'read between the lines'.

    • Even Armando is girding himself to advocate PATIENCE, he's our CEO and he wouldn't be saying "substantial progress with (more than one) partners", if he didn't mean it.

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      • treene Nov 14, 2013 5:23 PM Flag

        if you go back to the cc in the spring you will see he said the same thing. that they were happy with the progress they were making with a number of partners. this has been about a buyout from the start. armando is a move on guy. he likes to go from one company to another and increase value. he probably wouldn't be needed if they are bought out so off he goes to another company. this was the most uninformative cc there has been. 2 questions and out.

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