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  • drjwater drjwater Nov 20, 2013 9:46 AM Flag

    I can't doing this myself pep's, will need some help at some time


    Early buys at just a few cents above close every morning will keep this flying. Bigger buys start to look, see volume and start to do some DD. Once that happens they are wondering why am I not in PATH and buy. We have the volume, early up ticks, then some news on Dec 3 and we are offffff.

    Dec 3 is my ice on guess. I really tanked the spring guess, I mean blew it out big time. But now I am putting 12-3-13 down on paper.

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    • drj, you crack me up...12/3 sounds good!
      The problem is when people start doing DD they realize this company has been approved product since Jan, still no partner. Then they go back and look at the quarterly CC's and realize he has pretty much said same thing over and over again since last winter. They also looks at the charts and see other than a few decent run-ups, this stock has been consistently going down since Jan. We don't need help from other investors, we need help from management to get this deal done and finally make us some money!!!!

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