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  • drjwater drjwater Dec 5, 2013 11:50 PM Flag

    LTS projected to bring in $1.4 billion due to Zecuity


    Well that is how I see it. The guys selling the company know that Nupathe has purchased the equipment for LTS, just to have LTS produce 5 million Zecuity units per year. These units are more expensive to produce, and will bring in higher sales dollars and larger margins for LTS. This is the main reason for the owners of LTS to want an extra $200 million for LTS.

    Value added items that do sell for higher margins are worth more to the owners.

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    • Doc I appreciate your enthusiasm in Path but you clearly are providing false claims.The rueters report states that the owners have difference in opinion about the buyout price and that one of the owners expects a minimum of $1.4 billion as a bid pice.This is all Reuters has come up with.Its funny how this gets twisted according to ones own interest.No where there is a mention that the owners want $1.4 instead of $1.2 accounting for Z patch sales... That's ridiculously funny imagination.Clearly the owners of LTS are looking for bucks for their investment....they are nt calculating Z sales revenues sitting at the negotiation table. That's the job of our CEO Mr.Anido to break his head with sales nos.Actually no where does anyone talk about nupath or Z patch when mentioning LTS relat stuff in that's that...let our CEO do the job instead of hoping others to work hard for path.