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  • beefstu57 beefstu57 Aug 29, 2014 10:04 AM Flag

    Thinking about taking a position...

    Question for those that have held the stock for quite awhile....obviously a stock like this has to be very seasonal. How does the stock do during the winter months? Would obviously think Spring and Summer are the most profitable but want to get others opinions.

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    • beefstu,
      are you kidding? surely you must know that while a company may be seasonal, PPS is not. you don't compare current quarter with preceeding quarter but rather with same quarter, prior year.
      also, Heehehe's post is invalid. yes, PPS drops when ex-dividend is declared but that is TOTALLY relevant. share price goes down but dividend is locked. the values equate. it is six of one and a half dozen or another (no pun intended).
      I stand by SIX as a good investment but one that needs monitoring. earnings up only as a result of increasing prices, not increase in customers and attendance. however, we should get that with continued cheaper prices at the pump, increased consumer spending and confidence, lower unemployment and everything else that goes along with an improving economy. SIX will lag and now is the time to blossum. IMHO

      Sentiment: Buy

    • right after ex-div is usually the time for short squeeze, especially after a run-down

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