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  • mengjohn mengjohn Feb 28, 2014 8:25 PM Flag

    First Q 2014 is almost come to an end with revenue New anyday.

    Every press release we are slightly closer to supplying beautiful hardwood products to North Cal. Even North Cal acknowledges this and has a proven track record as a company in CA supplying recovered wood products since the 1980's. Everything the company has said they were going to do last year they have supplied more updated info on or completed the projects they said they were working on. Case in point they said one maybe two years ago they were looking for a underwater wood source of a massive scale to invest in as their first project. They found it bought the rights to it and as of Feb 20th 2014 announced they would begin underwater logging. They said no RS and guess what still to this day say no RS and even better a share Buy Back. They said no more dilution, said a insider with a large position would be out of Preferred C shares soon and around two weeks ago said all Preferred C's are gone and will never again be issued.

    The stock was at .0001 - .0002 it is up 100% now trading at .0002 to .0003 with news of product delivery to North Cal possibly this week, but most definitely this moth this stock should rocket up at least another 100% but as you and I both know most subs go up 1000% of percents after investors realize it is indeed a real company making money. You at this level are buying risk, with less risk the stock rises higher. I'd rather get my shares cheap and buy the risk then wait until it's making money to try and buy in a run up. But all of this is IMHO Good Luck no matter what you do.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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