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  • cen_d_lou cen_d_lou Mar 5, 2014 12:55 PM Flag

    I just don't understand

    I'm VERY VERY new to investing so i don't really understand some things - expecially this stock that just mostly goes up and down up and down between .0002 and .0003 - with an occasional dip down to .0001. Why is that? Why doesn't it ever go above .0003? Sorry - just not understanding how it works - We all have to learn some place :)

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    • That is how people learn, by having the intelligence to ask.

    • I've been investing for years and this stock is very exciting. Why because it's a .000 zero play which has the potential to run like crazy into the 1000% gainers club. You can't get in at .0001 so forget it it trades 100 share blocks in an attempt to trick novice investors into selling their shares cheap, but it really hasn't worked at all as no one is selling. The roughly 500 Million shares at the ask of .0003 have to be bought before the stock will climb on up, there is strong support at .0002 as that's the price everyone wants to buy in at.

      Problem is as people learn more and more about this company they are not willing to sell at .0002 that's why the bid has been building recently to over 100 Million shares trying to be bought. The investment community is waiting on news, any news of sales from wood recovered from the lake will explode this stock to the upside rapidly. With news you'll see the .0003 evaporate and the stock climb quickly those in at .0002 and .0003 will be very lucky investors.

      Company has publicly stated several key things, 1. No reverse split coming or even on the idea list. 2. Share buy back in process. 3. Company has started production of recovering tress from the lake but has not announced any sales data yet. Like I said watch this one close with news it could be a 1000% gainer in weeks not years.

      All IMHO

      Go HIMR

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