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  • horacebello horacebello Jun 21, 2013 12:23 PM Flag


    Master Old:

    needing your brain about this stock.
    No changes here. No work and spending.
    Our argentine USD bonds paying annually above 15% and surely 'll watch the same bonds paying above 20% because of the sick woman. Expecting a new Argentine disaster in no more than 30 months and we must wait the US court before October to watch the "level"of this prediction.
    Bet against the yen during the last four months but never did with big numbers.
    (Like San Antonio in game six ) was winning good money and in one night lost all the profit thanking the "stop win". wrote here was waiting the euro @ 1,34 to bet against and reached that level this week. For now betting the same lowest leverage used with the yen.
    Nice for me if the euro visits below 1,30.

    "ll call Ben in the night to understand better where are we going.

    Be careful. We are living in middle of the populism and a sick woman but you are living in middle of addict "freemoneybanks". Really don't know what is worst....


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    • CLSN;
      entry point @ 0,96 to ride a nice run and may be one of the best bet this year.. (lottery ticket like FUQI but having more fundamentals and a better stochastic +RSI if revisit a level below 1 buck)


    • Sr. Hola,
      Looking at the ten year chart on CLSN it was 125.00 in 2000 now 1,25. I don't like her for an investment but she may be a trade if they can get a bounce on doctoring their results to send investors a ray of hope that their drug may succeed on some of the subsets of data. Did you hear something from someone somewhere??
      Yes it is hard to say what is worse su mujer o nuestra printers. I've been digging in the back yard trying to find a good place to bury some jars of coins. No paper stuff.
      Good luck out there.
      Old planter

      • 2 Replies to oldfolks95610
      • CLSN has a nice chart and Mr Market is up from now to the end of this year. Up and down with great discounts but up for the main trend.
        Today did a nice increase but ´ll wait for it below the buck.

        (also expecting CTIX around $1,65 to buy)

      • Also trying to find some Master Darth's comments about FUQY.
        May be wrong but remembering he won very good money with this lottery ticket.
        FUQY was halted some months ago and restarted again after filling SEC papers.
        FUQY chart looks really nice to get a 30% or more in one minute, but is impossible -for me- to "buy a risk" above 5 K in this stock.
        As you define and fully agree in the south : FUQY = lottery ticket.

        CLSN would be inviting shareholders and investors for an "important meeting".
        Somebody wrote about a Chinese company buying them. True?


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