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  • naturalpastime naturalpastime Nov 27, 2013 1:35 PM Flag

    Happy Turkey Day

    Happy Turkey Day early, Old (and Hola). Not much time to post anything this past week or so with parents in town (and more on the way nest week).

    Been playing with some PLUG - over $.73 and it's gonna move. Sold my GDP just a few hours to early yesterday - this is one choppy market, huh? Been watching my watch list go on without me... INFI, RAD, SWHC. Just happy to make a few quick trades for diaper money around here..

    Have a great weekend (so nice to say on a Wed!)

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    • (Apologies I’m a bit late) wishing there your best thanksgiving.
      You know,,, we ‘ve a different idea how to live “better” . During this year we are celebrating our thankssurviving months.
      Your America is a “very poor country “so having two days per year to get some discounts.
      However Argentina - the best and powerful country around the planet- is probably the most generous too. So, shopping a lot during the last months getting incredible sell offs much more important than your insignificant two turkey days..
      Complex situation here.
      The sick woman lost the election by a great difference and no more dollars within our central bank to maintain the current subsidies (energy, transport, relationship pesos/USD exchange, etc).
      We have accelerated the official devaluation from 25% to 35% two weeks ago and 50% in this week because Brazil’s devaluation increases the pressure over our (pseudo) currency (toilette paper).
      For my part there is too much at stake and 2013 finishing with a “relative loss” between 30/40 K without firing anyone and all wages correctly paid and no debt.
      “Relative loss” because we are buying and stockpiling full machines and remaining supplies held by insurance companies. Paying no more than 10% of its value and selling them above 50% while repairing higher resale value machines, because we are convinced that while the sick woman still printing money our country is poised to collapse.
      Read all the news about YPF arrangement and the chart speaks for itself. Too much idle money issued from all main Central Banks and aren’t too many easiest opportunities to invest like here.
      They have taken advantage of our economic and financial weakness, accepting our high-yield bonds we’ll have to pay 3 years later when Ms Sick woman doesn’t apply.
      PEMEX, CHEVRON and EXXON‘ll probably get stuck with much of our shale gas stock.

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      • “Know how” we have obtained in the last five years has been incredible and painful. No more than 120 dollars adding our bank accounts: Just arrive the money run away to buy something.
        At the same time having two warehouses full of supplies and machines with a future sale value exceeding 350 K dollars we purchased in the last three months without using a buck from our pockets. We have no money. Our accounts confirming that. No traps.
        We initially removing the parts and buying easy machines to repair immediately taking advantage by the three months we had to pay the agreed 10%. Quickly selling above 300% and currently having a debt around 10 K that will settle before the end of 2013.

        Also having future transactions between January/ March 2014 around 100K recovering 2013 lost and hoping to get another 250 K by July.
        The Sick woman (not my president) changed the economy minister choosing a Marxist theorist idiot, who yesterday confirmed some subsidies without a buck in his (our) pocket.
        On XIN board usually one query when‘ll arrive our great devaluation and my best answer to follow Venezuela because running faster than us to disaster there.
        With inflation rate around 50% and a gap between their official relationship (“strong bolivar”/U$D Venezuela) and the black market above 300%, I suppose they‘ll collapse before us.
        For these reasons only few hours to bet while doing industrial purchases every day. Sending you the best hug from our “thankssurvivingmonths”.

        Sell Off Hola

    • Yes happy thanksgiving if you have one. 30 wild turkeys at the end of the street yesterday hiding out in the hood. Heading to San Jose to see the kids. Not much catching my eye of late may get busy after the next congressional deadline. :) Lucky not to live where the cold wind blows.
      Best Old

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