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  • granicus007 granicus007 Nov 9, 2012 11:37 AM Flag


    Tee_Time...if your theory is correct, where does that leave current shareholders?

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    • IMHO...BTW..I am long this stock..just telling my opinion..

      If or when de-listed...Shareholders will still have stock..just not traded on NASDAQ..the stock price usually gets cut in half and goes to the pink sheets...

      Please make your own decisions here..DO NOT Listen to any Cheerleaders..DMND had issues..huge..Brian J. Driscoll will get paid either way ..IMHO...if de-listed and I'm sure he would get the "awarded 1.5 million in stock options" in another way...

      Lets face it these guys know how to get paid. That is the first rule in any business. Pay yourself your own research...

      There is only 18 more trading days. IMHO...DMND will not be even close to this deadline. This is why I do not buy options...USUALLY the stock is a safer bet. Time is taken out of the picture and you can always hold the stock. Options vanish....


      Sentiment: Buy

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      • Discoll will NOT get paid either way. He will make his salary but not his stock options which is worth 2+ years of salary.

        Diamond has offered the guy incentives ONLY if he gets the companies earnings restated and reaches performance based goals.

        So luck, your a joke. This is a easy turn around. The companies products are still growing and people still buy the same chips, nuts or pop corn. Its a stable. Secondly, Oak Tree Capital is too invested to let this go to Pink Sheets. You really think sharks would let the shares be cut in half when Oak Trees options and warrants are at $10/share. Everything you state literally makes ZERO common sense. Oak tree wants it to stay public and sell to a private equity firm or major coporation.

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