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  • tsunamidec2004 tsunamidec2004 Feb 12, 2013 10:57 AM Flag

    PUmp and Dump

    Yesterday was the pump. TOday starts the dump

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    • Could see it from a mile away.

      • 2 Replies to robbwend
      • WHAT could you see a mile away? I didn't see any pumping since last Friday.

      • My gosh - we are truly at the end of times when this type of post passes as anything other than stupid. Dear poster - regardless of the fact that you learned your trading terminology from the other children on these boards (would someone PLEASE invent new kiddie catch phrases because if I have to read one more, pump, dump, basher, shorty, weak hand, mm, BS, I will go postal) - you are using it incorrectly. DMDN is not a sub-penny BB stock. Guess what junior, its a real company with real products. By its very nature, you cannot pump and dump this type of stock as you could the bucket shop entities. Who the hell is PUMPING DMND? Grow up and learn something before you post and advertise your own stupidity. Pssst, got a secret for you, I hear they are pumping ad dumping Coke! Ah Junior, you really are a hoot. That's right folks, Blackrock is pumping and dumping, or is it "stealing shares from the "weak hands" or am I a "lying basher" or maybe "shortie is going to burn." Put down the iPod and get to class before you get detention. DMND is a restructuing play and you either agree with its long-term prospects or you don't. But, PLEASE SHUT THE HECK UP WITH YOUR MINDLESS COMMENTS.

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