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  • wooglin2 wooglin2 Mar 25, 2013 11:04 AM Flag

    OT: jmeilink

    (The powers that be at Yahoo won't allow me to reply to posts when I use my usual log in)

    "Wow, I have over 200k in the market and have a private trader at Oppenhimer working my accounts. How about you? Yea I thought so. Your a child, a sick little child that thinks and write like the above. People like me who own a business and employee people run this world. #$%$ like you work for people like us."

    First off, congrats on being a business owner; I'm just a lowly employee!

    To some, "200k" may seem like a lot of bucks and to others, simply pocket change...that's why IMO, it's irrelevant to post position size (but percentages are rather telling). Speaking of positions, from what you posted, it seems that you were long 5000 shares of DMND, but you sold all on March 12. Was DMND part of your "over 200k"? I ask simply because 5000 shares of DMND would have been quite the outsized bet, approx 35% of your holdings--YIKES! Did your Oppenhimer (sic) "private trader" (whatever that is) suggest DMND to you? Even if she/he did not, I assume you sought that person's advice, right? Putting so much into one position is just plain WRONG. Hopefully you'll take my earlier posted advice: track your portfolio's performance v the APPROPRIATE index and determnie if your and your "private trader"'s hard work result in better performance. (and be sure not to use the Beardstown Ladies' calculator!!!) If your returns are not keeping up with an index, I strongly suggest you put at least 25% of your portfolio into VTI or VTSAX; total market index investments--they're tax efficient.
    As far a who is acting like a child, what's your unbiased take on someone who posted:
    "I will be here every day to slam this POS stock."?
    Seems rather juvenile to me; also seems like sour grapes.
    Hopefully you are rather young, so that you will have time on your side to grow your "200k".
    Good luck.

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