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  • jmeilink6000 jmeilink6000 Apr 2, 2013 10:12 AM Flag

    Why is this stock so bad, why won't it ever move?

    I just don't understand. I have been stuck in this for over a year. Just a horribly ran company.

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    • "I just don't understand."
      SO VERY TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I just wonder why you continually advertise your lack of investing knowledge AND your less than stellar command of the English language.)
      Hey, if letting everyone know that you're an idiot works for you, keep on posting.
      Unfortunately your posts are no longer even entertaining; but they are added proof that the US educational system is failing our youngsters.

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      • Kai, you should be nice to those seeking understanding even if they are not completely literate.

        It would be interesting to understand why one would describe a horribly run company, feel stuck in it for the past year (lost broker's phone number perhaps), and then wonders why the stock doesn't move up. It's an incredible logical construction which would be interesting to understand better.

        It is apparent that there are lots of folks in the market these days who are either firm believers in the random walk theory or who might be better served by buying a diversified mutual fund and leaving the investment choices to professionals.

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