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  • CA011667 CA011667 Jul 19, 1999 9:38 PM Flag

    .06 ahead of estimates

    This board is awfully quiet considering we came
    in well ahead of estimates again.We achieved 42%
    earnings growth and .57 a share compared to the .51
    estimated.Company looks to be firing on all cylinders,I have been
    adding to my position the last two weeks.With a
    cooperative market we should get a continuation of the
    breakout we had a couple weeks ago.Chris.

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    • I agree with your observations. I see strong
      strength looking forward. Stock has found a solid
      range while we are in this accumulation stage. I think

      we will have to wait for the next quarters earnings
      the next major advance.

    • why has it been so quiet with rush ? has anybody
      heard how business is going at rush ? what about the
      big acquisition ? still to come ? any reason for the
      low stock price ? comments are welcome. i own rush

    • Rush was ln recent issue of Individual Investor.
      was featured in the Top 100 of "Americas
      Growing Companies". Each stock was rated with a
      up or down. In the case of Rush, it was
      IMHO, I consider this to be a very
      contrarian signal because I.I. tends to recommend
      true dogs and passes over the hidden gems.

    • for pointing out the errors in my calculation.
      The $2.4 million pre-tax is for six months not a

      I don't dispute the strategy of growth through
      acquisition -- I just didn't like the price they paid, which
      after correcting my own error in calculation, still
      represents a 40% premium over RUSH's own valuation.

      Will there be enough operational synergy to justify
      this premium? I guess only time will


    • i agree with sgk 44. rush has proven track record
      to grow via acquisition. they have the know how to
      run and to consolidate formerly independent
      operations. it is good acquire profitable companies and much
      better than a turn-around gamble. as a rush investor
      from germany i continue to buy more shares and will
      hold for a long period. rush for growth.

    • The 2.4 million pretax earnings for Southwest you refer to is for six months, not a year.

    • You have to analyze an acquisition based on
      projected contribution to the bottom line after you
      consolidate the two companies. If the fit is good then you
      can reduce the overhead of the acquired company and
      all of a sudden earnings can improve dramatically. I
      hardly think you are in a position to criticize the
      management of a well run company like RUSH. The only reason
      this stock has not taken off is because of the
      extremely small stock float. Institutions cannot be
      bothered with a company that has 6.5M oustanding shares
      and $90M Cap. If they took a reasonable size position
      in the company they would own it 100% in a couple of
      days. So, if YOU were running RUSH what would you do???
      Personally, I would try to grow it quickly by acquisitions
      that make sense. That's exactly what Rush is doing!
      Furthermore, I think he is doing one hell of a job under the
      circumstances! You have to stay with this stock for a while and
      you will be rewarded. However along the way you will
      have up and down bumps that are stricrly controlled by
      small investor position changes which are emotional and
      mostly wrong.

    • I attribute the recent stock weakness to the
      acquistion announced on 7-22. I was curious to see how much
      RUSH paid for the acquisition: $26.5 million plus $4
      million as performance bonus -- all this for 2.4 million
      of pretax earning! That's interesting because if
      someone else were willing to pay that valuation for RUSH,
      the stock would be over $40.

      If the
      management is so hot on making a good investment, they could
      have bought back their own stock.

      It's not
      that the deal itself means significant financial loss
      for the company -- it just reveals that the company
      is run by a bunch of boneheads.

    • With a per share value of 25 to $30 ... at 15 its a 50% off sale!I'm LONG waiting for the volume to pick up...and bring attention to this great company.

    • Last I had checked there were 3 strong buys in
      the research section. That recently changed to 2
      strong buys and 2 buys.

      Essentially, someone
      downgraded, but I cannot tell who it was.

      This appears
      to have happened after the last earnings

      With year end approaching and no upgrades apparent,
      this stock may flounder back down to support at 10, at
      which point it would be an excellent

      Anyone have more info on the research ratings of this


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