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  • warclaws warclaws Jun 10, 2013 3:45 PM Flag

    Followed your positive results from other Boards

    Hello Ms. Star. I have followed your guidance from WGO and other boards and thus far I have done very well. Do you have any insight into this companies management, as I know you knew many of the Board and Executive Management of WGO. Thank you for your positive outlook despite the naysayers from 2009 to the current date.

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    • Thank you very much for your comments. Hopefully you purchased WGO when I made my purchase in 2009 between 5 & 6 per share and again when I said we were purchasing on a stairstep in 2012 and this past year. I still look for between 22 and 24.
      Relative to this company, I have purchased on soft days starting around Mid May in the 5 range. At this time, all I can tell you is to watch the volume very carefully. For example, there has been a buyer buying on a uptick above the asked on the close. On Friday, 50,000 share and today 5,000 share both above the ask price, but the volume was such that it did not cause other awareness as the amount was relative to what had been traded during the day.
      Good luck to you in WGO and in this stock and any others you may currently be trading.

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      • I just found this stock in May and bought an initial 1,000 shares at $5.83. I have followed Wilbur Ross investments for some time and have done quite well when I have bought them under (sometimes substantially under) his purchase price. I found this stock after looking at some of his recent purchases. He buys through Invesco Private Capital. I also find it interesting that GE owns the stock. Any further insight you can provide regarding the company will be most appreciated.

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