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  • ag55gen ag55gen Jun 2, 2008 9:01 PM Flag

    FAS 159

    FAS 159 doesn't make a lot of sense when you apply it to debt of a parent company or debt that is guaranteed by a parent company. The only way that parent company debt is worth less than par is if the issuer actually buys it back on the cheap or goes bankrupt.

    On the other hand, FAS 159 applied to the debts of a bankruptcy remote structure or subsidiary makes perfect sense when you already HAVE to apply GAAP mark-to-market accounting to assets you hold in that same structure. (In other words, it makes sense only in that it corrects some of the mistakes already existing in GAAP.)

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    • ag, did you come up with that revolutionary analysis all by yourself?

      also, an "imo" insert at the beginning of that would be a nice display of respect to the rest of the board instead of writing as if you are the accounting god or the sole vote on the FASB board

      i'll agree with you in so much as you are essentialy referring simply to balance sheet issues in your analysis, which I happen to agree are most certainly appropriate

      however, i think that the "stink" is being raised in concern to the income statement adjustments being made......if there is severly hindered liquidity and you have not actually made the sale, imo, there really should be no IS adjustments at all....

      also, I think a good point raised in the article is that if a company issues debt at par, and the market values the notes at less than par, should they be able to recognize the liabiilty at less than par? imo, its ludacris to even consider it

      i think that is was too convenient this ruling was issued after the market debacle of the last 12 me it seems it was nothing more than a rigged attempt to slap some "headgear" on the US financial markets prior to a powerful "straight right" to the face that the last 12 months has brought about

      it would have been a refreshing splash of water to the face to have seen 4,5 or 6 dissenters on the matter instead of just two....but hey, in the circus we call the markets today that would surely be asking too much

      opinions from anyone/everyone very much welcome
      i think this is a very issue important today....less important to NRF only because of their credit quality, but
      i believe this ruling is taking in a direction for future accounting procedures that undermines the #1 pillar of all accounting theory....CONSERVATISM

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