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  • dar200 dar200 May 3, 2013 1:30 PM Flag

    Not selling flip lots

    From today's trading, especially the panic dump shortly after the open, it's clear to me the market does not understand the implications of today's press release. The analysts have to spoon feed the market and the anal ones have to be fed by the company. Also, a press release at 8:00 am with a CC at 9:00am doesn't allow enough time to study, crunch, compare to develop salient CC questions, even if one had the motivation and ability.

    Nope, it's gunna take a while imo. So, unless the world figures it out by next Wednesday, I'm holding the flip lots thru ex-dividend. Yup, everybody is acutely aware of the dividend very shortly before, on and after the ex date. But after a week or 10 days the dividend is forgotten. IMO, nrf is going to trade in the low to mid 10s with or without this 19 cents......not on or very near the ex date, but soon thereafter.

    In the meantime, a buy now at, say, 9.89 is really 9.70 for the stock and 19 cents for the dividend. Conversely, a sell now at 9.89 gets you 9.70 for the stock and 19 cents you will get anyway if you hold thru the close next Wed.
    I'm inclined to take the 19 cents and wait for low 10s to dump the flippers. As long as Hamo's on this roll the core position is not even under consideration. I have plenty of time to wait for the market to figure it out. But lazy and dumb takes time and effort to overcome.

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