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  • genesis_gekko genesis_gekko May 31, 2013 10:33 AM Flag

    I haven't been are the masters of NRF........what's up?

    Its hard to find up-to-date news on NRF. Down $1.70 from high of $10.20. Is this all about dilution again?

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    • If NRF can average 12-15% return on the manufactured housing portfolio closed April 8th, they could easily raise the divi. to $1.

    • It seems the market has once again conspired to fool even the greatest of minds. Who knows why this has plummeted or how low it will go. I got caught in the downdraft like many others and all we can do is wait patiently for a rebound, collect divvies and keep on drinking. I myself had a bid in this AM for $8.30, them raised it to $8.50 and finally bought 5000 more shares at $8.60. Doesn't look so smart now but in 6 months I am pretty confident it will. GLL


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      • But, what is going on in the market, especially interest rate sensitive sectors, is a major deal. There was going to come a time, when the FED started to back out of it's stimulative efforts. In reality, they haven't done that yet, but the market and related participants now think it's about to happen. To be clear, this is something that needs to happen. But, it's a new day. It introduces a new phase that can run for some 3-5 years. But, the goal of this phase is to get the economy running on it's own steam, apart from all this FED stimulation. In other words, getting back to normal. This is in everyone's interest. During the initial times of this phase, the market will react negatively in this sector to good news.

        But, it is scary, and the market with all the algos and computers react with great volatility to these kind of macro changes. This volatility is here to stay for awhile. And the effect on interest rate sectors is not possible to predict.

        But the major point again, is that it gets back toward economic health and balance and for companies like NRF, this is good, as during this whole phase, short rates are going to still be low, so their liabilities will be stable. All the while they build the business.

    • No, it's not. It's about all sectors perceived to be negatively affected by higher long term interest rates. It's a sector move. And many sub sectors. Some companies actually benefit from what is happening as short rates continue to be stable. This isn't about NRF, it's about the market's reaction to rising long term interest rates.

    • Simply a coordinated effort by shorts to break the stock down. I just keep buying chunks in my cash retirement accounts as the price goes lower. I see no fundamental reason for the move other than the shorts piling on. Expect to see some negative opinions on the company from the participating 'analysts' (not facts just lame opinions). Long term, the dividend checks keep coming. Shorts are hoping for the retail panic to cover. Staying long!

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