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  • dar200 dar200 Jul 29, 2013 11:55 AM Flag

    Think ex-div

    Keep in mind a buy or sell so close to ex dividend is 20 cents for the dividend and the balance for the stock.

    I just bought 1,745 at 9.70 ('cause that's all the cash I had in an IRA). I paid 9.50 for the stock and 20 cents for the dividend I am about to get. I am convinced the Nov dividend will be 21 cents. If so, .21 /9.50 = 2.21% in just over 3 months. I expect the 2014 dividend will total 94 cents (22+23+24+25) which = 9.89% of 9.50.

    Of course, since I am way over position limit, I probably flip these out in the lower mid 10s and wait for another chance. If I don't get it, well, I'm content with over 9% yield while Hamo makes his case for 6%. Sooner or later, as long as Hamo keeps on this roll, the market will wise up. As long as he keeps growing cad and the dividend, sooner or later the shorts will throw in the towel.

    BTW....this morning the usual cat and mouse.....a slow rise followed by a low volume smackdown of a nickel or so. The telling trade starts at 2:00 and heats up after 3:00.

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    • Shorts were not scared today. Last two hours were mostly selling. Last 15 minutes, my guestimate based on eyeballing the tape, about 90% of the trades were on the bid. Only thing which kept the price from dropping more was reloading the bid.

      Oh well, two more days to dividend increase announcement by my estimate and certainly no more than three. Shorts need bad news in earnings report but I have seen no indication they are going to get it. I'll wait and watch. Ain't sellin green flippers here and certainly not the two red lots.

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