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  • ki1gore_trout ki1gore_trout Aug 23, 2013 7:15 AM Flag

    The morning propaganda mill

    I about fell out of my chair laughing at this morning's propaganda..

    First, regarding NRF, there's the SEEKING ALPHA article about York's investment in the "risky" NRF. This is CLASSIC Wall Street shorts propaganda to label a company "risky." The word is conjured up to scare people out of a stock without giving any specific negative.

    The same sort of propaganda is used in the executive suite of companies to destroy people's careers. Somebody labels a colleague they're jealous of as "controversial" and the person's reputation is undermined. The only person who ever thought the targed was "controversial" is the person who started the campaign against him. But these smear campaigns are effective in both the executive suite and the stock market. They work pretty well in politics for that matter.

    The propaganda against NRF started about the time "short money" showed up here. He wrote an article in Seeking Alpha describing NRF as "a house of cards." Then he pretended to be a neurotic person with "asperer's syndrome." He was a highly sophisticated operative from the hedgies who are shorting NRF.

    The second bit of propaganda was all the mock outrage directed against the Naz for doing down three hours yesterday. Al the stock exchanges are carnivals of high frequency trading, dark pools, front running, and manipulated prices. So why pretend to be outraged when one of them goes offline for three hours?

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