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  • dar200 dar200 Nov 14, 2013 10:02 AM Flag

    Early smackdown today

    Price is getting away from the shorts. Another 9 cents early (to 9.76) triggered a short smackdown. It worked, as in the very short run a dump of not that many shares can drive down a low volume bid. Now we see the buying pressure gradually increase the price. Late day trading tells the demand story.

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    • Tell me about it. I have a sell order in for 5000 at 9.77 and I was hoping to have some extra cash to squander this weekend. May yet happen before the close or else in a few more days. What the heck, tomorrow a fat wad of cash from the divvies into my several accounts. GLL


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    • And yet STPFQ, formerly STP, is up over 20% today despite bankruptcy proceedings. Our world is completely irrational. "Bankrupt? Buy! Buy! Buy! Increasing dividends for two straight years? Sell! Sell! Sell!"

      There must be some evolutionary advantage to this behavior, but for the life of me I can't see what it is.


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      • The key to understanding why this is so is because the market HAS to be difficult. If making money in the market was easy, then nobody would take the time to become doctors, lawyers, accountants, professional athletes, or any of the other big-money professions. They'd all be sitting at their desks drinking coffee (as I am) and punching a buy/sell button three times a day (as I just did to buy some more NRF).

        To discourage these other talented people from overcrowding the field, the market has to ACQUIRE a behavior that discourages the making of "easy" money. It has to be JUST AS DIFFICULT to make a million bucks in the market as it is to make it in any other walk of life.

        Because making a million dollars in the market is not difficult based on rational investing, the market has to introduce a number of IRRATIONAL behaviors to muddy the waters and make it more difficult than it would otherwise be. That's why you see strong stocks selling off and garbage stocks going up. The market HAS to have these irrational behaviors to function properly. As a long-term investor it's your job to ignore the irrational behaviors and stay focussed, like a lazer, on the rational ones.

        Only .1% of people in the market do that, and we (which means most of the people on this board) are the ones that profit from the market.

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