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  • bobwins_o_phile bobwins_o_phile Dec 3, 2013 5:05 PM Flag

    CBOE site must have bad futures quotes

    According to their quotes SVXY should have been unchanged today.

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    • Bob:

      The bad data arises directly from the CBOE site and began after CBOE commenced extended hrs trading for VIX futures.

      The data on the CBOE VIX microsite listing spot and futures Z3-G4 are correct in regards to delayed price and price change since prior close.

      The CBOE webpages that list ALL VIX futures are posting correct delayed prices but the price changes are compared to the prices of two previous closings.

    • I have seen the problem several times.

      The problem is not with the closing prices, but with the changes in the closing prices.

      If you access the website through other channels you will see:

      December 14.61- up 31 cents

      January- 15.48- up 28 cents

      Note that there has not been any contango between spot and front month for 2 days. Thus, as spot increases, so does front month

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      • Thanks Ralph, makes sense. FYI I bought some at 121 today- outright buy, not a huge one, dipping the toe in. I've been more about shorting VXX and UVXY, so I am not familiar with the tax consequences of SVXY. I remember someone saying it complicates taxes big time- any insight on this? I thought it was a simple pass through situation where you got a separate statement sent to your address of record at the brokerage. I guess it would be a problem if you traded in and out pretty often.

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