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  • allrefr allrefr Mar 5, 2012 10:38 PM Flag

    open for business

    SmartGlass Internationals new office is open in Dubai

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    • Allrefr,

      You DO get that SmartGlass International(SGI) sells BOTH LC and SPD? Look at their website, check the FAQ section.

      So, do you also see on their website that they note that LC is a 4-6 week lead time....and SPD is a 8-12 week lead time. Check the FAQ section for yourself. (Gee, I wonder, what would the lead time be here in the US if the glass has to come from Europe?)

      LC, I understand is much cheaper.

      LC is available in at least FOUR colors. SPD is, and I quote; "...always blue". Again, I invite you to read the FAQ on SGI's website.

      So why would someone go with the more expensive, longer lead time, less time proven and always BLUE SPD? Faster switching--Not everyone is ADDHD.

      WHY is a "mass production" product like SPD on a 2-4 MONTH lead time? Back orders? Separately, why no production in the US? WHY NOT? How far can SPD glass be cost effectively shipped?

      How come nobody does in the US what SmartGlass Intl. does in England and Dubai? Why nobody in NYC or LA? Or in Miami or Dallas (plenty of sunshine and money there)?

      So, Allrefr, what seemed like a bit of good really a big NONEVENT.

      Last, why has this stock dropped like a rock for two weeks going into an earnings report that should give the first view of Mercedes royalty payments? No buying into the rumor? WHY? Or is the rumor too funky to buy into?

    • The only thing that matters now is revenues. If RFI can show revenue increasing in the March report then we have something to build on from there.

      Have they announced when they plan on reporting? You see, there are various websites where you can find when companies are reporting. The little details count and the lack of professionalism continues to be exposed when those details remain unanswered.

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