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  • dmw53711 dmw53711 Mar 14, 2012 3:21 PM Flag

    one more time

    Interesting that the article notes that prices will fall in part due to expiring patents. Whose?

    If REFR makes only $100 off a $2500 glass roof for cars, its licensing cost is only a fraction of the total cost

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    • So, if REFR revenues increase at the rate projected for ElectroChromic glass, that will still leave them short of profitability in 2015.

      Several REFR patents that would be important, if SPD was important, expire this year. In spite of weak claims that REFR is protected by additional patents, no promoter has been able to identify which other patent gives meaningful protection. It should be obvious by now that REFR does not have a crackerjack technical staff. It has taken technical expertise from Hitachi and Pilkington (not to mention previous licensees) to get SPD to the market.

    • Yes the patent issue comment was a concern and we have had others come on this board and say RFI's patents will run out. But I had someone of experience check this out for me (not RFI members, no trust there) and found no issue.

      And back to the issue of price. You're right those fees are a non-factor.

      Hitachi must decide if they want to sit on an almost idle factory or a fully utilized factory.

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      • Question: What other use or product(s) does Hitachi use for the factory and the process equipment?

        Maybe nothing really sits idle at Hitachi. Maybe the plant IS fully utilized--just NOT for SPD!

        Maybe Hitachi really doesn't care about SPD. Maybe Hitachi has nothing to "decide" about SPD. Maybe Hitachi doesn't really have a commitment to REFR or SPD. Maybe Hitachi has no "skin in the game". Do the math; the total of all SPD production is a small rounding error for Hitachi. Its just a limited production product on a contract basis for someone that fills out low spots in the schedule. Imagine a concrete batch plant, no single contractor or project alone keeps the plant busy, its a collection of contractors.

        One day a month production runs at Hitachi would explain the long lead times for SPD products.

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