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  • threespeech threespeech Nov 11, 2012 10:24 AM Flag

    Weekend Wrap

    The majority of people have needed some form of financial assistance in their lifetime, be it from family, friends or the govt. This assistance is to help one get back on their feet and become self providing once again. Welfare even has a limit on the number of years a recepient will receive aid.

    I bring this up because as a long time shareholder it troubles me to hear Joe mention in recent presentations and cc's "his" low payments for "his" new slk. I beg to differ with Joe, but "those" payments were made by mom and pop investor as well as anything that has been bought by anyone living at RFI. No one at RFI has "earned" a living wage. They have been living off of financial gifting by mom and pop investors. Until RFI brings in enough "earned" revenues from services rendered or products sold (spd technology is their product) to break even will it be considered to be "earned". Until then, they are living off the investor's dime.. As long as the gifted money keeps coming in, RFI is in no hurry.

    So Wallstreet is a hypocrite when it comes to such things as welfare because as proven by RFI, their welfare system goes on indefinitely when one can use/abuse the system.

    Enough said.

    In regards to the gentex/ppg Dreamliner window debacle, from the 11/05/2012 USA Today article on the United inagural flight titled: Onboard United's 787 inaugural, in our readers' words.

    Kris Van Cleave (passenger): " The one thing I didn't love was how long it took the window to get really dark. Otherwise, I can't wait to get to fly it again".

    Also it looks like Mercedes will not incorporate the magic sky into the s-class. Hopefully I'm wrong but right now it looks like it may be the e-class instead. Just an observation.

    And according to cc figures the take rate is 19% for the magic sky in the sl and slk combined. Don't know how that compares with other introduced features in the automotive industry historically.

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