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  • montuno2 montuno2 Jan 7, 2013 10:46 PM Flag

    *** Walk of Sham ***

    "wow That's a lot of glass!" That may be the dumbest comment of this New Year. A lot og glass = a lot of gas, as in BS on this board. You REFR penny stock promoters have for two decades announced one new application or another. Not a single one has ever produced a dollar in arm's length royalty income.

    Here is your problem, little fella, you have to 'splain to us why with such great promise for this BMW sunroof the price of the stock is 70% less than it was when you, just two years ago, started another ridiculous rumor about SPD products. Remember that was Mercedes; you were soooo excited. It turned out to be nonsense.
    REFR is a stock selling scam

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    • Why so angry? Monty I think you will get your chance to short again. LOL

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Ky, still cruising the message board? No matter. We are all understanding kind of folk; be who you are. Why in the world would you think that anything that happens with this transparent stock fraud would "anger" me in anyway.

        Most of us negative posters just love to debunk your simplistic stock pumping ,especially in this case, a company that is claiming to be a royalty company and yet has never had a commercially viable product made by any of the many "licensees" paraded on this board over twenty years.

        Now that is quite a record!!! Not a single dime in arm's length royalties.

        I, along with many others, including Joe and the other sleeze-bags in the REFR office, made out very well shorting this fraud all the way from 20+ to 3+. At the same time you claimed to "back up the truck" and even thanked us shorts for making the price cheeper.

        We always graciously accepted your gratitude, even if we did laugh behind your back.

        I could never be angered by you dummies; it is like watching little children lie about the cookie jar. Far more profitable also.

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