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  • threespeech threespeech Jan 26, 2013 8:21 AM Flag

    Too many missed rallies

    Too many missed opportunities
    Too many technologies have crawled, walked, jogged or sprinted past a management produced crippled spd technology.
    Too many unkept (would say promises, but that is an unknown word in the RFI vocabulary or in the business world altogether) lets say...... ideas/ fill in the blank.
    Too many "soons".
    Too many years of .................nothing!

    Too much time wasted on waiting for eveyone else to do the "heavy lifting".

    Not enough imagination.
    Here's an idea for you. Take some of that money for "general operational expenses", in other words, your salaries and purchase 20-25 (to start) mid-level models from selected auto oems. At $20,000.00 a pop, that's going to run you $500,000.00 plus with taxes. Partner with your supply and after-market licensees to fit spd glass in side (most advantagous) and sunroofs. See, now your licensees are doing the "heavy lifting". Lease the cars to selected shareholders throughout the country/world (if there are that many shareholders left, not RFI employees) for $100.00 to $125.00 a month because if anymore than that, shareholders would balk at the price, as they have been doing more than their share of the "heavy lifting". Hire a high school student to film and document the process from the beginning. Give cameras to each one of the selected shareholders and have them interview as many people as possible, giving their opinions and insights on the functionality of spd glass for six months. Have these interviews posted on youtube and edited/directed/produced or whatever by your hired high school student. The shareholder that conducts and posts the most interviews in the six month period wins the car they were leasing.

    There you go. No heavy "heavy lifting" required. Don't want to spend the money needed to reach the mass market by airwaves. Get everyone involved with the biggest bang for the buck. Who knows what network might pick this up and begin airing it across the nation. There are local shows now dedicated to youtube videos.

    Maybe once the oems see their models being seen and wowed by potential consumers around the world, it might just be the impetus to incorporate spd into their models. Have each of the 25 cars fitted with spd glass at various well known local after-market auto shops in each shareholder's location under the supervision of a trained employee of your aftermarket licensee. Once these shops get the idea, the knowledge/experience of installing spd glass and what it does for the car and owner, you don't think they will begin to promote the technology?

    We have been told ( I won't mention by whom) that the transition/installation of spd glass is not difficult. We know one car has been driving around in public with spd side glass, if not more. So there is a way around this publicly (maybe designated as a test vehicle), so there shouldn't be any hesitation or excuses.

    How good of a salesman are you Joe?

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