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  • N_Dixon N_Dixon Feb 8, 1998 10:21 PM Flag

    Good Info

    Here's a post from Silicon Investors:
    To: gary schrimpf (502 )
    From: lawrence smith Sunday, Feb 8 1998 10:57PM EST
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    last july, or thereabouts, i believe you raised these same questions on other chat boards. so, i called the people at msc to
    verify my perceptions of this product. here are a few of the comments from the individual who is the head of this program(mr.
    graham fairley. 619-614-1203). and these are direct or nearly verbatim comments from him. 1".THIS IS THE BEST TECHNOLOGY THAT WE
    HAVE EVER SEEN". 2. very rarely in the history of this company(msc) do we get involved in the development of a product. normally
    we just make the film. we were so impressed with this technology that we decided to get involved with the development this
    time(only the 2nd time that he can remember them doing that). we have already hired several more chemists to work on this product. we
    have already received tremendous interest in these type of products, and they will not be ready for awhile, so there is
    tremendous demand out there already. he did caution that it was not a sure thing,that there was still more development left to go, but
    he was very, very positive on this whole matter. i spoke to him again about 2 weeks ago( a short conversation). he said that he
    was meeting with the people at refr early this month,that they were talking to hankuk routinely, and that they had some good
    ideas on how they would like to coat the film with some scratch resistant film. he did not express any real concerns, but
    suggested that i call him back in a few weeks for an update. just for the record, i thought enough of his first comments to buy on
    additional 10k shares last summer, and an additional 15k shares in the last two weeks .personally, i think that this should confirm a
    lot of what mr. harary has been telling us-that things are going very well, other companies are doing a lot of their own
    research, and that new combinations of materials are being tested by refr and other companies.

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