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  • critical25 critical25 Feb 20, 1998 3:00 PM Flag


    I saw a clip of Robert Saxe on CNN and his persona exuded honesty. I suspected Susan Smith wasn't. Combine my gut feelings
    of the man with a working prototype of SPD treated glass, two very recent inventions of two new superior particles and a new
    faster process for making the required film (which to me means 2 fresh patents until around 2015), the announcement that Hankuk
    expects to have a product in 1998 and very positive comment from MSC employees (no first hand knowledge,read other post) translates
    to me this is for real and should be absolutely gigantic. The only possible monkey-wrench could be long term durabilty, but if
    it is a problem with all the scientists from REFR, MSC, and Hankuk combined it should be solved (if it is a problem). I saw
    tinted glass working in the movie Blade Runner and with most things science-fiction become science fact. Last point I heard Saxe
    took over research for SPD from somebody associated with Polaroid(in the early days). I heard some oldish guy on CNN/FN say
    nobody ever saw a stock fly like Polaroid.

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