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  • carmineconspiracy carmineconspiracy Mar 9, 2013 2:46 PM Flag

    Why are lawsuits taking so long?

    Its over a yr.and a half and they havent deceided what court should hear the case,no one in Sinovel arrested even with all the evidence amsc has shown.Now Sinovel applied for a patent for a control system,what the hell is going on.

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    • freaking ridiculous, Douglas needs to get on the board already, management doing a horrible job communicating, Whats his face dejan whatever was thrown in freaking jail, are the chinesse that courts that corrupt, Where is secretary of state kerry at, thought he was to to crack dn on this corruption.. how do u think aapl feels, the chineese r selling fake iphones also, pathetic, they steal everything

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    • I don't think anything will every come of the lawsuit, cuz we can't really pressure China, we are just another one of their debtors - no bargaining power. We push too hard, they could say OK pay up now, then you and i get tapped savings...

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      • {I don't think anything will every come of the lawsuit, cuz we can't really pressure China}

        I think it is much preferable that US politicians stay out of it. If the politicians get involved, the most likely thing to happen will be that the US politicains pressure amsc to give it up to the Chinese.

        AMSC is better off going it alone. They may win or they may not win, but it isn't likely that they will loose anything more, like HTS technology for instance. With politicians involved who thiunk that everything belongs to them, amsc is more likely to loose everything to the Chinese.

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    • truly brutal Carm, the guy was thrown in jail who stole the software, an this bs law suit still dragging on, U.S. companies losing 10's of billions in patent theft and yet nothing has been done, the chineese ct system must be so corrupt.

    • the courts pretty much know who is at fault, all the proceedings or lack of is to determine how to save face ( and how much and in which way ) to pay amsc, not so much for sinovel breaking the law ( which every one knows ,) but for getting caught at it, and trying to come outof this with there background intact so they can continue business. this all bodes well for amsc, a hefty win will be the only way that sinovel can keep any type of business in the future, if not no one will want to do business with them and have something similar happen to them in the future. imho amsc comes out of this with about 700million $ american, these two companys probably willmerge or something similar, both stocks will skyrocket and the new company will be thebest of both

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      • I doubt that. Nothing is probably going to happen just as we imagined. I keep seeing people posting about how the chinese court system is corrupt. What about U.S. court system? I bet people in high places forced Sinovel into doing what they did and assured them they wouldn't face penalty! Like everyone is saying, someone got put in jail for it.... so? We're talking about a company that is trying to make energy more easily available. If big oil companies like Dupont can influence the passing of laws (marijuana prohibition act), what can't they do? If you eliminate the competition before they can compete then you win.

        Super investor Douglas has got to come forward and spill the beans as to what he sees in AMSC future. Wouldn't that benefit everybody including himself?

      • yeah chevy, just stay on the yellow brick road. your description has a few crumbs of cake with a plateful of icing

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