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  • chapelbeauty chapelbeauty Apr 5, 2013 3:56 PM Flag

    Douglas Kevin

    Douglas Kevin is a guru. He keeps buying AMSC. He knows something about this company that public doesn't. In 2002 the stock was down to $3 and it bounced back wildly. I think it will do the same soon. I trust Douglas Kevin's past performance and judgment

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    • Is this the same Mr Douglas who was a Wall Street commodities trader who gave up trading and took his wife "Leeza" and moved to the country ?? He sure didn't know squat about farming ... but he could tell you what a bushel of corn was worth on the commodities exchange. Looks like this Mr. Douglas gets most of his investment advice from Mr. Ziffel, Mr. Haney, Sam Drucker and Ned the Farm agent. How this guy ever became a billionaire appears to be a well kept secret. It sure wasn't because of his market timing on AMSC. Every time this guy loads up a "ball of spit" and hits the "buy button" AMSC sells off. Think of how many pairs of shoes he could have bought for "Leeza" if he wasn't getting his head handed to him by AMSC.

    • Hey buddy, he also bought ETRM at $2.22 and fell on bad news. I've seen him make good and bad trades. Also, compared to how much AMSC he bought when it was expensive he's barley bought anything. if he truly KNEW this was going up, why would he not be buying far, far more. Looks to me like he's just tossing in a few bucks after making a terrible trade 'just in case', but who knows.

    • What do you guys think: where is the stock going at this point. Apperently the little good news that we heard on Monday it was not that good for the shorties. It even broke through its closest support of 2.54. Will it pick up? Will it go further down to test the 2.40 support? Any thoughts/advice?

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