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  • barrygeo barrygeo May 11, 2013 5:13 PM Flag

    CERN compares lts, hts (mgb2, bscco, ybco), pnictides

    presentation dated April 25. Cut and paste the following into a search engine:

    Superconductors for magnets II René Flükiger CERN TE-MSC

    At the very end, in a slide titled "What remains to be done in Coated Conductors ?", you'll find underlined the words "Reduced costs"

    Always the same story. The cost of 2g hts remains ridiculous, but hopefuly will improve in the not-too-distant future. GLTA

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    • There is more to the observation of Barrygeo as usual. Nice link by the way.
      To this day, it has not been confirmed whether or not amsc can lay down hts layers on the production line with the required thickness for the CERN magnet applications. They certainly did not have the capability before last fall. SuperPower has been the supplier of choice for all strong magnet application over amsc for coated conductors, (YBCO).
      Keep in mind that when the cost variable discussed in this article is talking about the strong magnet application for CERN. This CERN application is a far different animal than the wire being delivered to LS Cable for utility cable applications where amsc is acknowledged as the leader over SuperPower and others in regard to large scale production capability.
      We do not know yet if the new production line has given amsc a horse in the race for the strong magnetic field applications that they never had before. When amsc could only lay down 0.8 micrometer hts layers on the production line, they had no horse in the magnet application race. Everybody knows, (with the possible exception of Barrygeo) that amsc could never lay down thick films on the production line before last fall. We still have not heard just how thick the film laying capability is today.
      Everybody knows, (again ex. Barrygeo) that 0.8 micrometer 4 cm tapes were never going to be economical for almost all applications. That changed only last fall.
      Strong magnets, Sea Titan, and to some degree utility cables all benefit from the increased hts thickness now possible on the amsc production line as of last fall.
      Going back to the CERN link regarding coated conductors they talk about a silver layer on the amsc/SuperPower contenders. What they don’t say is that silver is not necessary in utility cable wire. If silver has to be added to the CERN application it will raise the price. They also use reference material from 2008.

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      • lafeet, I believe there's actually a thin silver layer in contact with the ybco in all 2g tapes, regardless of the application (cable, magnet, etc). But the cost is minimal because it's extremely thin. AMSC actually at one time claimed

        In response to all your assertions about everything that I don't know, I won't argue with you. There's a lot I don't know.

        What I do know is all the technical discussion doesn't matter much if the cost of hts remains too high. I could be wrong, but I am fairly confident that remains the case, even with amsc's new production line. When I see direct evidence to the contrary, I'll change my mind.

        I'm glad you appreciate the link. I put it out there because I figured you and others would find it interesting.

        good luck

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